Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

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Perhaps the most famous among all the spreads, ours is with cocoa and Piedmontese hazelnuts and it is perfect just combined with slices of fresh bread, biscuits, crispy canapés or even to fill up your brioches, during breakfast or for an afternoon snack.

It is also perfect for those who practice a lot of sport, being it highly nutritious, genuine and rich in proteins.

Also ideal for filling cakes, to prepare pies or to decorate delicious delicacies.

Ingredients: sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable fats, cocoa, cocoa butter, Piedmont hazelnuts, almonds, whole milk powder, natural vanilla extract, vanilla natural extract.

Allergens: it may contain traces of other nuts and gluten.

Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat sources.


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