Peace, Love & Panettone!

Peace, Love & Panettone!

Christmas 2021: LaDoubleJ takes over Pasticceria Cucchi


We are deeply related to J.J. Martin from a lasting and deep friendship, we already collaborated together on the occasion of the 2021 Christmas holidays, and this year we decided to set up a real takeover of our pastry shop and launch two limited edition boxes LaDoubleJ x Cucchi.

Panettone Tradizionale Cucchi LaDoubleJ

The entire pasticceria has been completely set up for the occasion, starting from the tables covered with the precious fabrics of the brand, up to the personalized packaging that has seen our most representative products, such as our traditional panettone, jar-cooked delicacies, jams, honeys, dragées and our spreads, all fully dressed LaDoubleJ.


Every inch of our pastry shop has been set up with new versions of LDJ's iconic Slinky print, coloring the Christmas Cucchi atmosphere with pink and red dashes.


Our shop windows have been redesigned and curated by the creative flair of the designer and artist Joanne Tan.


The concept of this 2021 collaboration, which accompanied the styling and design of each single limited edition product was: Peace, Love & Panettone!


The two limited edition boxes contained one the traditional Cucchi panettone and two variations of American linen placemats by LaDoubleJ, while the other one had three Cucchi jams and a linen apron in full LaDoubleJ style.


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